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Clam Stock

Ocean Clam
Clam Stock is a pure, All-Natural product. Its main characteristics are:
  • Clam Stock is produced from Ocean Clam (Artica islandica).
  • The starting material must pass the strict requirements set by NorthIce for freshness and flavor. Ensuring quality ingredients means that the product is of both high quality and constant high standard.
  • Its flavor qualities are exceptional: the pure, clean taste of clam.
  • Its flavor qualities are exceptional: the pure, clean taste and aroma of the ocean clam.
  • The color is similar to that of clam, and strength of the color depends upon how much it is diluted.
  • Clam Stock is convenient for chefs/food technologists to use.  It can be used without thawing, simply temper slightly and add directly to the cooking vessel.
  • Clam Stock dissolves quickly and completely in water.
  • Clean Label - Clam stock contains no artificial additives of any sort. It is produced exclusively from Ocean Clam. No spices, flavor enhancers, preservatives or other substances are added, which means that Clam Stock does not interfere with other ingredients in the recipe.
  • We recommend that Clam Stock be stored frozen, but if it is thawed in a refrigerator it should be stirred before use.

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