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NorthTaste All Natural Seafood Stocks

A Wealth of Nutritional Value
NorthTaste is an entirely natural product made exclusively from seafood of superior quality. It is manufactured through a revolutionary technology whereby codfish enzymes are used to extract flavoring ingredients from raw seafood. This provides maximum purity, flavor and aroma without the addition of sugars, spices or similar substances. NorthTaste flavors from shrimp or lobster also contain the naturally occurring pigment Astaxanthin, which is considered a richer source of antioxidants than vitamin A,C or E. Astaxanthin is thus becoming and extremely popular nutritional supplement.

The quality flavor of NorthTaste is primarily determined by the quality of the raw material used and the processing by the enzymes. For this reason, only superior quality seafood - shrimp, lobster, clam and roundfish - is acceptable for our production process. In order to ensure the purity and wholesomeness of NotrhTaste, the enzymes themselves are also processed from seafood - a crucial factor in assuring the consumer that NorthTaste is an entirely pure and natural product.

NorthTaste's raw ingredients are mostly protein. Unlike other energy sources such as fat and sugar, protein is one of the human body's essential building blocks, playing diverse roles in the transmission of biological information and in the regulation of bodily functions. From a nutritional point of view seafood is considered a high quality source of protein, with biological value of 100, which is similar to that of eggs.

Structurally, proteins are chains of amino acids. During the processing of NorthTaste, much of the raw material is converted into amino acids and peptides that are more readily digested than the original proteins.

NorthTaste is thus a pure, natural product, possessing considerable nutritional value that the human body can easily utilize for growth, maintenance and energy.

Jon Bragi Bjarnason, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry, University of Iceland

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