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About NorthTaste Ltd.
NorthIce the producer of NorthTaste All Natural Seafood Stock, was established by North Ltd., an enterprise owned by scientists and experts who in recent years have worked at research on cold-active (psychrophilic) enzymes and their industrial applications.

The methods of producing NorthTaste are among the results of this research and development that have taken place over the last 15 -20 years. North Ltd. enlisted the support of the New Business Venture Fund, together with several enterprises and individuals, to found NorthIce. North has applied for a patent for the utilisation of cold-active enzymes to produce NorthTaste. According to an agreement between North and NorthIce, the latter has exclusive global rights to exploit the patent.

Processing of NorthTaste takes place at Dalbraut 2, Höfn, while the company's office is located at in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. The company's Board of Directors is comprised of Pálmi Guðmundsson, Chairman, Gunnar Örn Gunnarsson Vice Chairman, Birgir Ómar Haraldsson, Ingvar Guðmundsson and Jón Bragi Bjarnason.

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NorthTaste Ltd., Dalbraut 2, 780 Hornafjordur, Iceland Tel: 354 891 6931 Fax: 354 478 2612 northtaste@northtaste.com