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The NorthTaste Process

The method of producing NorthTaste All Natural Seafood Stock is based on utilization of biotechnology, using natural processes to conjure up the pure taste and fragrance of each type of seafood material processed.

The quality policy at NorthIce is to produce stocks of consistently high quality under conditions, which fulfill the strictest requirements, mandated by the food industry and governmental agencies. Only the highest quality ingredients will be specified for production of our stocks. We process under strict internal standard that produces stocks that are of gourmet quality.

The NorthIce food technologist works together with our customers to utilize the unique characteristics of our stocks to enhance our clients recipes. To ensure our quality standards, we strictly follow the requirements of the United States, Food and Drug Administration HACCP quality management system. All NorthIce employees receive systematic training in quality management, to insure a consistent product that meets are quality requirements.

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