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Applications for NorthTaste All-Natural Seafood Stocks

The wonderful flavor of good French food is the result, more often than not, of the stock used for its cooking, its flavoring, or its sauce. The French term ‘fonds de cusine’ means literally the foundation and working capital of the kitchen. This liquid, strained, and boiled down to concentrate its flavor if necessary, is the basis for soups, the moistening element for stews, braised meats, or vegetables, and the liquid used in making all the sauces that have a meat or fish flavoring."

"Mastering the Art of French Cooking"
Julia Child
Louisette Bertholl
Simone Beck

NorthTaste Stock is the basis, the starting point, for an endless variety of hot or cold dishes: soups, sauces, dressings, pates, and fillings. We provide the beginning, the seafood flavor; you the chef/food technologist provide the creativity and the effort to produce a quality product for your customer.

As well as supplying a line of Gourmet Seafood Stocks, we also have a food technologist on staff that will provide you with the technical assistance for your individual applications.

Call for Technical Service:
Jerry Levine
Office 781-337-3695
Mobil 781-985-5225

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