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Testimonials - Chefs have their say

NorthTaste All-Natural Seafood Stocks where born in Iceland. An island surrounded by some of the finest seafood producing grounds in the world. Icelanders have been eating quality seafood since the time that our island was discovered by the Vikings over a thousand years ago.

We put a premium on our seafood and co-operating with our Icelandic chefs. The Icelandic Master Chefs’ club has helped Northice market and promote its seafood flavors. We hope that NorthTaste will help to spread the fame of Icelandic cooking throughout the world.

By working closely with our chefs, NorthTaste All-Natural Seafood Stocks have been developed into a line of high quality Gourmet products. The climax was the presentation of NorthTaste at the annual conference of Nordic chefs in Reykjavik in May 1999. Their response convinced us that there was a place for Northtaste Stocks on the international market.

It is NorthIce’s task to stimulate consumers’ taste buds. This we can do indirectly, with the assistance of chefs and food technologist. The NorthIce goal is to provide the food professional with the highest quality seafood stocks available. We help you tantalize the consumer’s taste buds.

The NorthTaste stock is to be used whenever the flavor of gourmet seafood is desired. Possibilities for NorthTaste Stocks are only limited by the imagination of the Chef/Food Technologist.

We do not add artificial ingredients: flavor enhancers, coloring agents, starches or preservative, etc., our stocks have a clean, natural label.

We encourage you to try our stocks in your test kitchen, work with a product that will help you produce a recipe with a true, natural seafood flavor.

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