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The Advantage of using NorthTaste All-Natural Seafood Stocks

NorthTaste Stocks are a new product that opens endless possibilities for the food processors and food service applications. NorthTaste is a seafood concentrate in which the flavor of seafood is isolated in its purest form by means of revolutionary technology. NorthTaste is a natural product with unique characteristics. There is nothing quite like it on the market.

  • It has a pure, fresh, natural flavor, aroma, and color characteristic of the seafood used to produce the stock.
  • The NorthTaste product is a pure stock, containing only the essence of the seafood and a small quantity of salt. This allows the Chef/Food Technologist to improvise and be creative by formulating the recipe to meet their individual needs.
  • NorthIce has done all the work:
    • We purchase only the finest raw ingredients available.
    • We clean, chop, mince, etc.
    • We produce the stock under gentle, carefully controlled conditions.
    • We strain the stock.
    • We then concentrate the stock in a low temperature evaporator. This eliminates the cost of shipping water.
  • We provide you with a high quality, convenient, economical, time saving and consistent stock.
  • NorthIce’s efforts allows you the Chef /Food Technologist to go out and create a positive culinary experience.
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