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Characteristics and Storage of NorthTaste Stocks

As the NorthTaste products are All-Natural and free from preservative, they must be stored at or below -18 °C (0°F) from the time of production until they are used. The stocks have a shelf life of 1 year frozen and 7 days stored at refrigerated temperature (0-4 °C or 32-39 °F).

The NorthTaste Stocks are convenient to use, as the frozen stock has a consistence of ice cream and can be utilized directly from the freezer.

NorthTaste Stocks should be stored frozen. We recommend that our stocks be used directly from the frozen state. As the stock is semi-solid and can be placed into the kettle after a brief tempering period. If refrigerated, the stock should be stirred before use.

We take pride that our stocks has the flavor, aroma, and color that is characteristic of the seafood used in our process.

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