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Emphasis on quality
The method of producing NorthTaste All Natural Seafood Stock is based on utilization of biotechnology, using natural processes to conjure up the pure taste and fragrance of each type of fish material processed.

The quality policy at NorthIce is to produce flavor / flavors of consistently high quality under conditions, which fulfill the strictest requirements, made of food industries. Only highest-grade raw materials will be used for the production, purchased in accordance with specifications, and the product marketed must fulfill the quality requirements set by the company and made known to its customers.

The company works together with its customers to adapt their recipes to the use of the NorthTaste All Natural Seafood Stock to benefit them as much as possible. To ensure this, the company’s work is organized according to the HACCP quality management system. The NorthIce employees receive systematic training on quality management; so that everyone can take part in the constant strive to uphold our stringent quality requirements.

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