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Investors, scientists and experts in the making of seafood stock, met in the Old Warehouse, at Höfn in East Iceland, 22 October 1999 to found NorthTaste Ltd. The company’s objective is supply the worlds food industry with the state of the art All Natural Seafood Stock, by stimulating consumers' taste buds for a fresh and rich flavor/flavour of seafood.

NorthIce grew out of the activities of North Ltd., which owns the knowledge upon which the activities of NorthIce are based. North Ltd. has applied for a patent for the method, whose inventors are mechanical engineer Bergur Benediktsson and Jón Bragi Bjarnason, biochemistry professor at the University of Iceland. Both of them are major shareholders and members of the Board of Directors of North Ltd.

NorthIce produces its seafood stock at Dalbraut 2 in Höfn, in Hornafjörður, East Iceland. The NorthTaste All Natural Seafood Stock was introduced to the world market in the year 2000. Since then it has gained a wide recognition by food manufactures who need high quality seafood flavor/flavour in their food dishes.

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NorthTaste Ltd., Dalbraut 2, 780 Hornafjordur, Iceland Tel: 354 891 6931 Fax: 354 478 2612 northtaste@northtaste.com